Custom Foot Orthotics

Prescription orthotics can help ease pressure and stress on the foot and improve your ability to walk or play sports you love. Custom made foot and ankle orthotics are medical devices inserted into the shoe to correct an abnormal or irregular walking pattern. They work like shock absorbers, removing pressure and stress from painful areas in the foot and ankle. They can also prevent foot deformity or keep it from getting worse, better position the foot inside the shoe and improve the overall way that the foot and lower leg move.

Why Custom?

Premade orthotics are mass-produced to fit an ‘average’ foot,”  they may cost less, but they usually do not properly correct the specific problems found in a person’s foot. Type of orthotics vary, but there are three broad categories: those that are meant to change how the foot functions, those that protect the foot to reduce pain or discomfort, and those that combine both aspects. 

Prescriptions & Proper Documentation

An accurate prescription for Custom Foot Orthotics comes from the referring physician. Specific documentation must also exist in your medical record from a recent visit with that referring physician for your insurance to consider coverage. Not many insurance plans cover Custom Foot Orthotics, but our staff can help you navigate your available options.  

Wear & Care Guides

Routine cleaning, wear schedule and other helpful tips.