Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Ankle-foot Orthoses (AFOs): Among the most commonly prescribed lower limb orthoses, AFOs are custom made for each individual to encompass the foot, ankle and leg, finishing just below the knee. 

Fitted with a variety of purposes in mind, including controlling alignment, increasing mobility and independence, assisting rehabilitation and reducing pain, AFOs may also be provided with the intention of preventing a deformity from occurring or increasing. 

Types of AFOs

There are many different types of AFOs. Each device has indications and contraindications, so an accurate assessment of the patient and their needs is vital. An AFO can be custom made or off-the-shelf, and both have their place in the rehabilitation journey.

Prescriptions & Proper Documentation

An accurate prescription for a custom AFO comes from the referring physician.  Specific documentation must also exist in your medical record from a recent visit with that referring physician for your insurance to consider coverage.

Wear & Care Guides

Routine cleaning, wear schedule and other helpful tips.