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Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis 
 The Knee ankle foot orthosis has been used for decades to treat weakness and instability of the leg. This brace became closely associated with Polio in the 20th Century, and was known for being heavy and unattractive. KAFO's traditionally use a knee joint that locks the knee straight during walking and unlocks when the user sits.
 While there may not be such a thing as an attractive brace, great improvents have been made in the cosmetic finish of the KAFO. New space age materials have allowed us to dramatically decrease the weight of the KAFO, sometimes by as much as 50 percent.  Thanks to the new materials, we are able to be more selective about where the brace touched the body. Relief can be made almost anywhere on the orthosis to take pressure of of the body.
 The greatest advancement in KAFO technology has been the introduction of Stance Control knee joint technology. These new knee joints allow the knee to bend during ambulation, and give the user the ability to utilize a more normal ambulatory pattern. Stance Control Knee joints are either mechanical or microprocessor controlled.